“Lynn gave me what I needed; an action oriented approach and the steps to get there.”
– Sr. Director of Global Consulting Firm
“Lynn helped me see what I was doing that worked and ways to look at leadership that I hadn’t considered.”
– Technical Manager

Through vetted assessments, alignment with business objectives and the implementation of a fully customized approach, I help leaders quickly uncover the habits, behaviors and attitudes standing in their way and apply new skills and practices that enable them to move from unproductive habitual behaviors to conscious, intentional actions.

These actions define Conscious Leaders who can inspire teams, shape cultures and deliver 10x shift in business results.

The Conscious Leader Approach:

Customized – Custom designed to meet the unique needs of leaders by discerning the whole person, including their intellectual, emotional and ideological views, within the context of their industry and organization.

Pragmatic – Does not require significant amounts of time for clients to reach critical insights and understandings. Results typically begin in the very first meeting.

Confidential – Internal coaching conversations are confidential. Visibility of the coaching process is shared with the boss and internal sponsor(s).

Adaptable – Highly responsive to each client’s company culture, complex systems and specific industry demands.

Consistent – Discovery, alignment and integration deliver proven shifts in leadership performance and business results.