What clients have to say about Conscious Leadership Coaching.

“Lynn has the ability to combine two issues that rarely come in contact; business objectives and personal transformation. She coaches from the perspective that “this is a business and it must improve,” but takes into consideration that all businesses are led by people – and how they perform impacts on your bottom line. If you have the courage to learn your own strengths and weakness, the commitment to personal transformation and the desire to see yourself and you team grow, you should hire Lynn.”
– President

“Lynn helped me see what I was doing that worked and ways to look at leadership that I hadn’t considered.”
– Technical Manager

tcl-testimonials“Lynn gave me what I needed; an action oriented approach and the steps to get there. She is intuitive by nature and I felt like we were very in sync. She always had a good sense of what was on my mind and made each step of the coaching process extremely clear, which was helpful.”
– Sr. Director of Global Consulting Firm

“My boss is listening to my ideas and validating my perspectives.”
– VP of Sales

“I’m seeing accelerated business performance through the positive trickle down.”
– Division President

“Lynn has a down-to-earth, holistic, non-prescriptive way to get to the root of you, so you can better understand others. I took small steps and increasingly built my confidence. I was amazed how seamlessly I made changes and they stuck.”
– Director

“Lynn was instrumental in integrating diversity into our daily business activity and directly contributed to our success of an $8.5 billion acquisition.”
– President of Energy Gas Company

“We need to accelerate readiness of our up-and-coming leaders in order to fill much needed manager roles. With Lynn’s help, we’re two years ahead of where we would’ve been and these folks are producing higher performance results. I’m very pleased.”
– General Manager of US Mining Site