While the coaching process outlined here provides a structure, elements of discovery, alignment and integration occur at every stage of the coaching engagement.


Discover the habits, attitudes and behaviors that are keeping leaders from being more effective and performing at the top level of their game. Understand the leader as a whole person in the context of their organization – business objectives, cultural norms, expectations and drivers. Determine what is called for by the leader both at their job level and the overall needs of their organization.

Raise awareness of the leader’s worldview, this includes understanding the leader’s intellectual, ideological and emotional values that drive actions. Identify where intent does not equal impact. Discover what is unseen through vetted assessments and input from key stakeholders.

Outcomes: Through pattern analysis and honed-intuition, I am able to quickly identify the golden thread – the 1 or 2 development areas that will deliver 80-90% of the targeted results.

“Lynn has the ability to combine leadership focused on business objectives and personal transformation and how they impact the bottom line.”
– President


Validate the Discovery phase by reviewing results, insights and findings with the client and the boss to ensure alignment within the organizational context. Take steps to improve the leader’s performance by introducing new attitudes, habits and behaviors that align with the organization’s goals and close gaps that impede higher performance.

Outcomes: Recognition and application of new decisive, deliberate skills vs. unproductive habits and behaviors. Renewed and inspired focus that generates quantum leaps in energy and performance.


Through practice and refinement, leaders move from a game on autopilot to owning the new skills, habits and intentional actions that define a Conscious Leader.

Outcomes: Greater personal and professional confidence, heightened effectiveness, breakthrough business results. A new, higher performance foundation is established serving as a new leadership level for future growth.

“Lynn made each step of the coaching process extremely clear, which was helpful.”
– Sr. Director of Global Consulting Firm


Results typically begin in the very first meeting, when 90% of my clients reach a critical insight or understanding they had overlooked. More insights follow through the Discovery phase. Small but meaningful steps lead to sustained shifts.

With coaching through the Alignment and Integration phases, deliberate and sometimes difficult thought and behavior changes become more and more automatic. Each win paves the way for the next and puts even greater change within reach as the leader’s results curve grows steeper.

Secondary effects begin to cascade through the leader’s team and the organization.

Culture changes, efficiencies evolve and the leader’s development manifests in metrics targeted at the outset of the coaching engagement.

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